Walmart Checks UI Toolkit

This toolkit is a growing resource with ready-to-use front-end building blocks based on Bootstrap. The library is built with the Atomic Design concept in mind. Please check it out if you’re not familiar with it before jumping in.


Organisms are groups of molecules (and possibly atoms) joined together to form distinct section of an interface.

Organisms can consist of similar and/or disparate molecule types. For example, a masthead organism might consist of a logo, navigation, and search form, while a “product grid” organism might consist of the same product info molecule repeated over and over.




Personalization Flow Header


Personalization Flow Footer


Product Options Panel

Version 1

Select style


Select quantity

Fraud Service (recommended)

  • Certified Check Fraud Specialist works on your behalf to get your money reimbursed from the financial institution
  • Works with merchants to help resolve fraudulent checks
  • Saves you valuable time
  • All for only $1.50 per Pack of checks ordered
$1492 Free standard shipping included.

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